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New Product Launch.

Cognitive Stimulation Activity Boxes

Whether you are caring for individuals with mild to moderate dementia in a care setting or at home, it can be a rewarding but challenging responsibility. One effective way to enhance the quality of life for dementia patients is by sparking the brain into action through cognitive stimulation activities.

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About Cognitive Stimulation:

Cognitive stimulation activities are designed to stimulate and engage various brain functions, including memory, problem solving, creativity and communication. These activities can help to slow cognitive decline, improve mood, reduce anxiety and enhance overall well-being for individuals living with mild to moderate dementia.










What's included in our activity boxes:

Each box contains a carefully curated selection of activities that can help to spark activity in the brains of people living with mild to moderate dementia.  From creative art projects to designing your perfect dinner party, our boxes are designed to provide a well-rounded cognitive workout.


Our boxes include:

A variety of Themes:

  • We offer activity boxes with different themes, ensuring that there is something to suit every individuals interests and preferences. Whether it's nature, music or history, our boxes have it covered.

Easy-to-use Materials:

  • Our boxes come with all the necessary materials and instructions for each activity. You don't need to spend any time searching for supplies; everything you need is conveniently included.

Engaging and Fun activities:

  • Our activities are structured but also enjoyable for both group work and individuals. We believe that the best results come from activities that are creative, engaging and fun to take part in.


The Benefits of Using Our Activity Boxes

Dementia Activity Boxes for Carers
Cognitive Activity Boxes for Dementia Carers

There are many benefits to using our activity boxes:

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function: Regular engagement with our activity boxes can help to maintain and even improve brain activity.

  • Reduced Anxiety and Agitation: Many individuals with mild to moderate dementia experience anxiety and agitation. Cognitive stimulation activities can help to reduce these symptoms.

  • Improved Communication: Our activity boxes are designed to encourage conversation between caregivers and those they are caring for..

  • Quality Time: Engaging in our activities provides an opportunity for caregivers to spend quality time with groups or individuals, creating positive and memorable experiences.

  • Empowerment: Caregivers often report feeling more confident and empowered when they have access to well-structured activities.

  • Time-saving: Our activity boxes contain everything you need to run the session. Saving you time on resource gathering and activity planning.

Next steps....

Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in our activity box launch. Getting started with our Cognitive Stimulation Activity Boxes is easy.

Our activity boxes are now availalble to purchase via our shop, and we are offering a fantastic 6-month programme with staff training! Click here to view our latest boxes, offerings and FREE downloads.

Our activity boxes cater for a group of 8 people for use in care & community settings, however, the boxes could also be used by carers making 1:1 companion visits and if you need a more bespoke option, just let us know!

Please contact us via email: or via our contact form, here, to register your interest and join our mailing list.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Zoe Francis
Owner & Founder 
of My Music Works

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